Our Story

About us

Around 20 years of Experience in Construction and Building Materials

Afters university graduate in Civil Engineering, both co-founders started to work in many different fields in construction industry.

Pesina is established to reflect their founders’ passion to Construction, Building Materials and Equipment Industry to supply the best quality with a good price.

Pesina Brand Name comes From Pessinus

Pesina brand name comes from ancient city of “Pessinus” in wes- central Turkey, Eskisehir. Pessinus was known to be a commercial Center at that time.

Getting the ancient codes of Pessinus in commerce, Pesina aims to future markeplace and commercial centre of the construction industry.

Our Mission and Core Values

Buildings and infrastructure are very important to set up a civilization since ancient eras. As the Industrial developments whopping these days, construction industry also get benefit from this in terms of many aspects.

Considering this, Pesina aims to put together the manufacturing industries’ prefabricated products to construction by adding value.

Some of our core values are as the following;

  • Integrity: Acting with honesty and honor is a great way for us to show our peers that we care about them.
  • Diversity: As the founders from different countries and cultures, Pesina embrace the diversity.
  • Commitment: Committing the great product and service hat impact lives within and outside the organization.
  • Innovation: Creating new ideas, products and procedures within a innovative culture makes the world better for all.
  • Safety: Ensuring the health and safety culture in organisation is beyond our responsibility to legal administration. We desire accident-free working environment for our employee and safe environment for our company.
  • Continous Learning: Every product and equipment that are searched by our client brings a new challenge of learning